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 Characther Biography Base(Updated)

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PostSubject: Characther Biography Base(Updated)   Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:48 pm


Preferred Name:(What your character wants to be called))


Date of Birth:

Species/Race:(The species if its non human, Race if your character is a human)

Gender:(Please No "Other" Genders)

Affiliations:(Affiliations with a group, Nation, A planet, etc)

Prior Affiliations:(Anything there no longer affiliated with)

Occupation: (Executive, Task Force, Member, or Affiliate)

Appearance:What your character looks like, Is there hair long or short, Does you character have any tattoos, What is he/she wearing

Height: How tall your character is

Weight:How much your character weighs

IQ:Just IQ

Personality:How does your character think about things, How do they act? Are they cheerful, Do the usually not care whats' going on?

Base Alignment:



Brief Biography:History of your character, Has to be at least 4 sentences.

Friends: Does you character have any friends, Or are they alone

Family: Any family members your character has((Living or deceased))

Enemies:The people your character is against, Or people who want your character dead.(ETC)
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Characther Biography Base(Updated)
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