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 Accepted Alien species

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PostSubject: Accepted Alien species   Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:59 pm

Sience this is a galactic rp, Its not limited to earth, And humans

Species: Gresi

Home-World: Norma 4

Description: A race of purple-eyed, telepathic humanoids with short snouts. They are completely reliant on their cybernetic implants and cannot breathe without them. They punish criminals by forcing them to become servants of their victims.(75 years)

pecies: Soliri

Home-World: Veellsa VIII

Description: A race of amphibious humanoid aliens who have whiskers and four arms. They share their home star system with a race of enormous space-dwelling lifeforms whom they worship as gods. As children, they are surrounded by a thick layer of protective fat, but this disappears between the ages of 6 months and 1 year.(Average lifespan:40 years)

Species: Bigirgans

Home-World: Wixilir

Description: A race of alien birds with powerful jaws. Their artwork and symbolism is similar to that of the ancient Celtic civilizations of Europe.(Average lifespan:20)

Species: Edumurod

Home-World: Rekonda Prime

Description: A race of proud lifeforms with large horns on their heads and x-ray vision. They wear ceremonial robes. A state lottery reduces population growth by killing those who win. All adult members of the species are automatically entered. Once an individual has left their home-world, they never permitted to return due to fear of contamination.

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Accepted Alien species
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