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 Lore of this universe

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PostSubject: Lore of this universe   Sun Jun 04, 2017 1:26 pm

So Here is the Lore, In this universe its 2095, the earths nations are mostly still there. There is international wars still but they are much less common. The earth has already met multiple other intelligent species. Some became allies, while others became advisories. ((These species can be found in the accepted alien species list,)) One of humanity's largest adversaries were the Species: Edumrod from Rekonda Prime, The policies such as how they got rid of overpopulation, Did not translate well into human morals. So the Grand galactic war begins 2027.

Humans won ground wars. Since the Edumrod Lacked the knowledge on how to defend against kinetic force projectile weapons such as guns. But focused on thermal dispersion. Since the Edumrod had advanced to laser weapons. But the humans were decimated in air and in space. It seemed like the humans had no chance of winning. But the tables were turned august 7th 2045, Humans begin to steal technology from the Edumrod. Learning how to counter their weapons. The humans had for the first time in the war, Pushed the Edumrod fleet out of the solar system. They had continued to launch strikes on Edumrod fleets for about 10 years, Until they finally reached Rekonda Prime. Then the Humans launched a full frontal assault on the Edumrod Home-world, And eventually, After a 4 month battle. They had finally broke the planets defenses. It was over, The Edmurod and humans reach an armistice On December 7th 2055. Then the humans started to become more technologically advanced leading up to where we are now on the timeline.

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Lore of this universe
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