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 Mechs that can be created

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PostSubject: Mechs that can be created   Sun Jun 04, 2017 1:43 pm

So normally mechs would be more Gun-dam like. More technological, more energy using  (Ex: Getter Rays/ Spiral energy) The energy used in this universe is ferrum corde(Latin for Iron Heart). There are two types of robots, One using FC, The other using run of the Mill technology, Here are the perks of the classes
Ferrum Corde Mecha Pros: Stronger then tech Mecha, More developmental Potential
Cons:Useless when the Mechs pilot runs out of Ferrum Corde, Can run for less time

]size=16]Technological Mecha[/size] Pros>More energy, Fights longer
Cons>Weaker then Ferrum Corde Mecha. Less developmental Potential.

HYBRID Mecha Hybrid mecha are Mecha that use Ferrum Corde and Tech Mecha Fuel, They  Mecha are Very  Powerful. More then both of the normal mechas. Your character must have experience using A Mecha with tevh and With Ferrum corde to use this, In order to apply for one of thees mechs, You create an application and an moderator+ must approve it.

God tier Mechs They  are the strongest Mechs in the Universe, The admin council or the Sites owner MUST approve of it if you want to to use a god tier canonically. They are on the  Star - Galaxy Buster levels
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Mechs that can be created
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